50% Refers / Affiliates program !!!

Share the following address to your friends and get 50% of our links relating to your wallet:


Replace by YOUR_BITCOIN_ADDRESS a valid Bitcoin address. The email is not valid. For instance:


Referrals are automatically applied to all the languages supported by the web, and in listings in the ROTATOR!

You can also make your referral link directly to Rotator:


50% of links FOREVER. We will not reduce the percentage at any time. We invite you periodically to enter and see for yourself



Currently we have listed in our website 120 Faucets. Of these, some 40 do not use a direct referral system, you have to register and obtain a unique code, this makes it difficult to link them with you. The DIRECT Faucets and of XAPO are what have this difficulty. Therefore we compensate with other listings Faucets.

Thus, the 60 links to get referrals are distributed like this :

7 in XAPO: wonderlandco, byethost7, bitframe, scratch4satoshis, robotcoingame, exchange and xapobtc
6 in Bitcoincloud: random
8 in ePay: random
15 in Paytoshi: random
26 in Faucetbox: random

This information will be updated taking into account new Faucets that will be adding. While getting 50% to referrals.

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